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By integrating Mead's and Dewey's theories of creative action into their qualitative analyses on migrant workers, criminals, youth groups, new forms of housing etc. However, as a critical sideline it should be mentioned that, being an action theoretical approach, it tends to lose its grounding in the empirical data and explicitly does not proceed in terms of a grounded theory.

Seeing that, it would be more accurate to consider Joas at least not as the only successor of the Chicago School, contrary to what Schneider suggests. Exponents of Cultural Studies such as Williams, Hall, Kellner, Grossberg and Fiske, whose theories of counter hegemonic action see Winter are acknowledged neither by Schneider nor Joas himself, even though they explicitly place themselves in the tradition of pragmatism see e. Shusterman ; Salaverria ff. In contrast, for Dewey and Plessner it is precisely the absence of a singular reason a priori encompassing every individual, that makes public debates both necessary and possible.

None of these historical conceptual constellations can be reduced to one of the other two; and the complex interaction between them is reflected both in the sociological classics, which can't be reduced to a singular narrative of secularization, and in the religio-philosophical elaborations of the founding fathers of pragmatism.

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The recent international discussion regarding the relevance of pragmatism for qualitative social research for a resume e. Frega could also have enriched some of the contributions. Aristotle considers practice as an act that is collective, contingent he repeatedly classifies it as that realm of being where things could always be different , and an end in itself that can be neither reduced to extra-practical foundations nor ever entirely transparent on a theoretical level see Hetzel From the perspective of philosophical action theories and I suspect that theories of communicative and creative action are included here , a subject that already exists prior to practice makes use of specific means to realize its intentions by manipulating social situations in accordance with social norms.

In this manner, actions are ultimately conceptualized as based on the acting subject, and in so doing the subject is elevated to a condition of possibility of action. Joas and his followers in their self-characterization as action theorists seem to pursue precisely this legacy adopted from Weber and Habermas. But this is a difficult legacy to reconcile with classic pragmatism, which is centered on a concept of experience that rejects the idea of an autonomously acting subject.

Experience in general constitutes e. His creative action is an addition to the rationally and normatively orientated actions this tradition explores much rather than a transgression of the action theoretical framework as such. I do believe, however, that a dialogue between subject-critical theories of practice and subject-centered theories of action would deepen the socialtheoretical reception of pragmatism beyond the scope of what the — otherwise groundbreaking — contributions of Handlung und Erfahrung have already accomplished.

Bernstein R. Dewey J. Fellmann F. Hungarians sold their Polish colleagues homemade spirit and wine regularly and illegally. Fashionable clothes, cosmetics sometimes of Italian origin , spirits and other delicacies the legendary spice mix, Vegeta changed hands in private houses.

Even prostitution was noticed by the local secret agent. I do not know why the Poles take it and what they do there but one can suppose that they bring women to the apartment.

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The documents and the oral sources mention other common leisure activities, too. As regards the cultural programs for the Poles, these were arranged separately. Spending time in the pub was a typical weekend activity for both the Hungarian and the Polish workers. Not only in the village chronicles, but also in the industrial documentations and in the files of the state security, conflicts caused by drinking appear periodically.

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They sit in the pub up to closing time, then they go home in a drunken state but very often they lose direction and turn to the opposite direction, that is, to the direction of the railway station at the state border. We show them the right direction very often.

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It happens also very often that they enter the waiting room and sleep there or wait for the morning train. The gendered image of Polish workers — besides their hard work and their life as singles among a mass of males — was based on experiences gained from these common celebrations. The lack of language skills did not hinder fully the above-mentioned kinds of communication and co-operation between Polish and Hungarian actors.

Smuggling, bargaining, drinking together and small bricolage operations in the houses do not need sophisticated language knowledge. I got acquainted with many Hungarian families, they asked me to help, I packed up and visited one family house after the other.

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I stood up right away and told the comrades to use a very simple language, because I did not speak Hungarian well enough yet. May M, S. However, the lack of language skills restricted the quality of other types of communication, namely, exchange of know-how at work or political views in the pub. Intellectual communication between the small elite groups of the Poles and the Hungarians stagnated at a very limited level during the years of co-existence. The lack of language skills and the limited level of communication raised the significance of stereotypes in ethnic categorisation.

More importantly, the Beremend image of the Poles was related to gender rather than ethnicity. Formal segregation met with the informal closeness of the village. The latter was and is a usual attitude toward mass labour migration in general. Following the departure of the Polish workers, only a few contacts were kept by the local individuals, and developed into life-long friendships. However, M.

Conclusion The former bilateral relations between Hungary and Poland, the open borders for labour migration and the fading attention paid by the COMECON to the member states made it possible to form new horizontal networks between the citizens of the two societies. The co-operation project was informalised with regard to the COMECON but it could not avoid supervision and a sort of discipline: a great many visible and invisible actors were busy to control it.

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In contrast to the usual mechanism of domestic investment projects, the wages were calculated by the authorities in rouble, whereas the Western machinery was accounted in dollar. The turbulent linkages between Eastern labour and Western high technology and experts was not only registered but also closely observed by the state security. The rigidity of the host community in the first place: of its institutions toward the Polish workers was not an accidental feature but an ordinary habit. On Tuesday, the militants announced they were starting a "spring offensive" against Afghan and international troops.

They already have several cities and districts under their control. In an email announcement, the insurgents promised to "employ large-scale attacks on enemy positions across the country," including suicide bombings. A number of opposition politicians say the unity government will automatically lose its legitimacy in September for having failed so far to call a Loya Jirga grand assembly for endorsement.

But Kerry believes the power-sharing deal between Ghani and Abdullah was meant for the entire five-year term, and that there is no need for an approval from the Jirga. But it is our understanding that, that is a mandate for five years and there's no termination whatsoever in six months. Opposition leaders have called for Ghani and Abdullah to step down, chiding the leaders for their failure to realize electoral reforms necessary to pave the way for parliamentary and district council elections.

According to Afghan expert Younus Fakor, the national unity agreement clearly states that the president will call a Loya Jirga within two years to determine the role of the chief executive. This means that President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah will continue to govern the country as they have been doing since September Fakor, however, believes that the issue is not the agreement between the two leaders, but their track record so far in power.

This makes people speculate that Afghanistan is heading for early elections. Otherwise the unity government could lose support of the international community," he noted. Former Interior Minister Daudzai believes that US support alone won't solve the problems for the unity government. But this will create more chaos in Afghanistan," Daudzai said. Fakor stressed the need for the government to perform to win back dwindling public support.

Tainted by alleged fraud and Taliban attacks on polling stations, what kind of mandate do elections give in a country beset by violence and weak rule of law? Afghanistan's presidential election turnout is unofficially estimated at just over 2 million voters, an election commission official announced.

The first round took place amid deadly violence causing multiple casualties. Voter turnout in the presidential election is reportedly lower than expected despite the Taliban's failure to pull off large-scale attacks. DW examines the reasons behind the low participation rate and its implications. More info OK.