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Dental All Stores All Stores. Salad Dressing! Most good salad recipes include the recipe for an accompanying salad dressing. Not only is homemade salad dressing 10x more delicious it also is incredibly simple and cheap to make yourself. Anytime I make a salad, I double the dressing and use the remainder of the salad dressing for the rest of the week. I like to use this dressing along with this Kohlrabi and Broccoli Salad.

Once for Summerfest and once for a quick day trip to visit some restaurants. Whenever we go out of town, even for a day, we spend most of our time walking and eating. We also spent some time walking along the river. Summer festivals are my jam. People watching and massive quantities of fried food is basically my version of heaven. The music is cool too….. When I first started stalking the Summerfest food lineup a few weeks ago, the Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls were on the top of my list to try.

Normally Asian food at a music festival would be a hard no for me, but as you stand in line you can actually see them cut up fresh zucchini, broccoli and other vegetables as they stir fry everything in a giant wok in front of you. This dish was as weird as it sounds. The thick kettle potato chips were topped with cheese sauce, corned beef, green onions, tomato and jalapeno. I grew up never really liking pickles. Something about the texture or flavor never appealed to me. That is awful and sad. The spicy ranch that comes on the side makes it one of our favorite appetizers!

I never said I was cool or anything…. A few months ago we listened to a This American Life podcast about a flute player who broke into a British museum and stole thousands of dollars worth of dead birds. We were both riveted by the podcast and in complete awe of a story so strange it seemed almost made up. Then just the other week I discovered that a full length book had been written about the same topic.

The Feather Thief follows the same story as the podcast, but dives deeper into the madness behind a fly tying community that is so obsessed with rare and exotic bird feathers, that a 24 year old flute student breaks into a British museum to steal dead birds. Fair warning that the book starts out slow, but quickly picks up steam about an hour in. Definitely start with the podcast then read or listen to the book after. Mike asked me the other day what my highlight of was. I think he was expecting me to say something about the dogs or us living together for the first time.

Instead, I told him that the highlight of my year was when my awful neighbor moved out. She would walk her dog as slowly as possible past my house, then stop and take pictures. For a while I was incredibly creeped out because I would wake up and see a random middle aged women standing in my lawn taking pictures of my house. I finally opened the door one day and just stared at her without saying a word.

Being passive aggressive is something I really excel at. Composting is great! I have nothing against composting. But you see Since you know Unsurprisingly, as trash fell into my yard, my dogs started eating it. She basically said she wasn't going to do anything about it. So I bought a sheet of plastic to block the fence so trash would stop falling into my yard. But I had fire burning in my heart.

I wanted that compost pile GONE. In the spring of , I got a faint glimmer of hope.

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I quickly ran and found Mike to show him all the excitement.! He was less than enthused about my obsession with the awful neighbor. I forced him into the car, with the dogs, under the pretense that we were going for a hike I stopped. Are you moving?! Being fake nice is a talent I got from teaching. I continue to watch and quickly notice a new women sitting on the back porch a week later. I grab my shovel and proceed to frantically shovel load after load of the compost pile into the dumpster. There were mice living in the pile- but even this didn't detery me.

I was determined to get rid of every last piece of trash that had been piling up for six years. As the sun started to peek over the horizon, I set my shovel down and look at my hard work. So if your biggest accomplishment of was a baby or marriage or promotion. Honestly, this is just a list of stuff we own that we LOVE and frequently buy for others. You have all of to use it so you can travel to bars and try beers at your own pace. I refuse to leave the dogs for any longer than a long weekend. I do have a large fenced in yard, so that helps. This Weekender Bag is perfect for each of us to bring on any four day trips.

It has a large zippered shoe pouch at the bottom of the bag, and inside the bag there are organized compartments. It also comes with a large toiletry case. I actually bought it when we first started dating. Wisconsin State Park Pass. We definitely are frugal with our money. I personally have zero debt except for my mortgage. He is also notorious for bringing his own cream cheese to Panera for his morning bagel. My car is almost seven years old. Would a new car be nice? Everything I own is basically hand me downs from my family or furniture purchased off of Craigslist.

I regularly purchase very nice Pottery Barn rugs and furniture off of Craigslist. Get this…. A girl has got to have some standards. You can then avoid my first Craigslist adventure of ending up in a very shady neighborhood looking at a couch that most likely had bed bugs. Learned my lesson pretty quickly on that one.

My poor dad is routinely asked to come along with me to pick up furniture. We also balance eating out so often by cooking frugal meals at home. We rarely cook with meat, and if we do, we only use organic local meat. Shout-out to Fischer Family Farms! I passionately hate wasting food, so most meals we make build off the leftovers from a previous meal.

I rarely pick a totally random recipe and go to the store to buy all the ingredients. The other night we had brussel sprouts from our CSA in the fridge, along with butternut squash ravioli and chicken sausage from Costco. We roasted the brussel sprouts in the oven. Topped them with parmesan cheese and tossed them with pan sauteed chicken sausage and the ravioli. We finished it with a drizzle of balsamic. Did we use a recipe?