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Bottom line: It's one of our most prized possessions, because it reconnects us to people, places and events like nothing else can. Sound good?

Cyber Monday Digital Picture Frame

It should, especially if you're looking for a great gift for a friend or family member. And for a limited time, there's a deal to be had: Get 30 percent off any Nixplay Seed photo frame when you apply discount code CNET30 at checkout. That's a Cheapskate exclusive, folks! The Seed comes in three sizes -- 7-, 8- and inch -- all of which are available in your choice of black, blue, mango or mulberry.

The bigger the screen, the better for viewing from across the room. Unlike digital frames of yesteryear, this one is fully connected. It taps into your home Wi-Fi network to slurp up photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and other online sources. It also has its own email address that friends and family members can use to send new photos. A companion app for Android and iOS lets you upload photos directly from your phone.

In other words, gone are the old hassles of adding new pictures. The Seed is also noteworthy for working in either landscape or portrait orientation. A power-saving option activates the screen when there's motion in the room and deactivates it when there's not. And the power card ingeniously doubles as the frame's stand, allowing for just about any viewing angle. As I said, I'm a big fan of these.

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Slideshows with cool transitional effects are also a popular feature. Digital picture frames come in various sizes and capacities. When choosing a frame, consider the size of its built-in memory as well. Many digital frames feature the same amount of storage you'd find in an SD card, making it easy to transfer photos from your camera, computer, or smartphone to the frame. PhotoSpring digital photo frame review, great for sharing. Categories Camera Lenses 1, Camera Microphones Lens Accessories 1, Camcorder Media Instant Camera Film Camera Accessory Kits Camera Remotes Other Camera Accessories 7, Other Camcorder Accessories Digital Photo Frames Current Offers.

On Sale Online Only Whats New Image quality for the Pix-Star It's got that square look with a presentable matte black plastic frame that's designed to perch on a table — there's no option to hang it. While the resolution is lower than some other models of its size, the aspect ratio compensates by filling the entire frame with your image. A smart-fill option stretches images or you can opt to show photos as a collage with four to five images per screen with many transition options. Like the inch Wi-Fi model, the inch Pix-Star offers internet radio, playing your own music, reminders, games and a calculator.

All HD video will automatically be downsized. The inch Pix-Star links to Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug and other social media and receives updated weather for a selection of countries and cities.

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The trickiest part of setting up the Pix-Star is coordinating multiple frames. If you have multiple frames you can set up a special address to sync photo collections. While I was able to sync online photo collections, and email photos and audio messages to the frames, I could see only one frame at a time via the web app. Images show up beautifully saturated with many ways to create slideshows. It's small enough to fit on a desk or an end table and its stiff cord is adjustable so you can place it in a comfortable position anywhere.

An attractive matte-rubber frame looks great in any room where its built-in motion sensor automatically switches on when you're in the room. The Seed lets you manage all your photos and multiple frames from a single account. Upload photos from your computer or mobile device or access photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Flickr or Google Photos.

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You can create specific photo playlists for each frame, or connect iOS or Android mobile apps with the frame. You can also email images directly and give friends and family access. The Seed also works with Alexa-enabled devices for displaying playlists and checking connectivity. I found the software set up a bit fiddly at first with different kinds of albums and playlists, depending on where you derive your photos, but it was easy to manage multiple albums, playlists and frames via drag and drop.

You can also share photos and videos directly from the iOS mobile app, though not with Android as of yet. The Skylight frame operates on a simple concept: Its main feature is to display images shot with a smartphone or tablet and instantly beam them to the Skylight frame of a non-technical loved one. Skylight is targeted to older generations who don't want to mess with tech. As a touch screen, it differs from many of the frames in its class. The frame relies entirely on email to download the images onto the frame, where it will then work without an internet connection.

While the frame does have a USB slot, it is not functional at the moment and there is no SD card slot.

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There are no adjustments for brightness or choices of how to fill the frame if the photo is not the right size. You can use smartphone-like gestures to enlarge images, but the frame won't automatically resize images. Web and mobile apps let you view, download and share photos.

Yes, the controls are limited, but that is its main selling point. Dimensions: 8. There's not much to the Aluratek 8 inch Digital Photo Frame except extreme simplicity. The unit has no touch screen, no built-in memory and no remote control. The x TFT LCD screen resolution offers some basic adjustments for positioning images on screen, how long each image lingers and the screen brightness.

The navigational controls are on the back of the unit and each command registers with a toy-like click, but you must put your hands on the frame to change controls. Strangely, you can't change any of the controls unless all SD cards and USB drives are removed from the unit. The unit features a generic plastic frame that comes with a screw-in plastic stand, but there is no hole for wall hanging. Normal- size USB drives stick out of the frame's side.

You can choose from 11 transition styles and display photos from three seconds to an hour. This ratio, 8-inch photo frame has a lot going for it, including a relatively high-resolution screen of x and a wide degree viewing angle.